What is Steep Slope Studio?
Three Keywords of Steep Slope Studio

1. Studio for Creation

Steep Slope Studio is equipped with a hall and studios which are usable for up to two months. Community room is also available and its minimum length of usage is three hours. Furthermore, many programs which stimulate artists’ creation activities are held. Steep Slope Studio does not only physical spaces but also chances for creation.

2. Studio for Supporting Artists

Steep Slope Studio makes every effort to provide artists with better environment for creation. Steep Slope Studio invites three resident artists as partners to think and challenge together. Steep Slope Studio also develops production managers and technical stuff as human resource for next generation. Steep Slope Studio also seeks what arts in Yokohama should be.

3. Studio as an Art Platform

Steep Slope Studio creates occasions for communication between local community and artists beyond genre and generations. Steep Slope Studio offer and realize unique plans through which local residents and artists cooperate by making the most of local cultural facilities.

About Us

Steep Slope Studio is a public cultural institution administrated and managed by NPO Art Platform.

Brief History

As a part of Creative City Yokohama, City of Yokohama invited public participation for a private sector which administrates the former wedding hall as a strong hold for creative performing arts in June 2006.
In August, 2006, a consortium of NPO Arts Network Japan and NPO ST Spot Yokohama was chosen.
Steep Slope Studio opened on Oct. 23, 2006.
NPO Art Platform was established on May 9, 2007. The consortium of NPO Arts Network Japan and NPO ST Spot Yokohama was dissolved and the operating body of Steep Slope Studio was shifted to NPO Art Platform.

NPO Art Platform

NPO Art Platform was established in May, 2007. NPO Art Platform is an art NPO to develop human resource for performing arts, support international interactions, and create occasions for encounter between local residents and artists. NPO Art Platform supports artists and producers to realize a more enriched civil society.

Access & Contact

Oimastu-cho 26-1, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa