『Steep Slope Showcase vol.2』 2019.2.15 & 2.16 !!

☆How to enjoy 『Steep Slope Showcase vol.2』!

①1,000yen (with 1 drink) free-pass! Book with selected date.
②The program can be customized to your preference.
③Acts and Performances are not the only chance to see and interact with the artists and their works. Please enjoy the unique experience of an artist’s studio.


Shumpei Nemoto “It captures me, It moves me and It’s gone”
[About the work]
It captures me, It moves me and It’s gone is an installation work consisting of four cameras, four screens and two projectors.
Two cameras that are installed in the room captures the action in the room, and other two are capturing the screens.
The live video images captured by the cameras are continuously sent to the computer and projected back on the screen with the programmed delay effect.
As a result it creates disparity between live action in the room and images projected on the screen, which can challenges viewer’s perception of the time and space.

[About the performance]
After its premiere in 2017 in Hannover (Germany), the performance was revised several times though the studio residencies at Kinosaki International Arts Center (Toyooka) and Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg (Germany), and the research is still ongoing for the development of the work.
The performance will be about 10 minutes performed by the creator, Shumpei Nemoto in the installation site.

1.open studio/Exhibition(free)
2.10(sun) – 2.14(thu) 15:00~20:00

2.13(wed) 19:00~21:00

3.Installation art & Performance
2.15(fri) 13:00 Open
*Performance start 15:00/17:00/19:00/21:00 (Run Time 10min)
2.16(sat) 12:00 Open
*Performance start 13:00/15:00/17:00/19:00 (Run Time 10min)

Takeshi Fukuda “Radio Pacific Studio Live ver.”
“Radio Pacific”, performed and streamed throughout October 2018 at Sakura Tram (a tram running through Tokyo) is recreated as a studio version!
The sound and extravagance will take you on a train ride, and perhaps a trip even further away…
While waiting for the performance, you can enjoy the installation.

1.open studio
2.15(fri)-2.16(sat) 15:00~21:00

2.15(fri) 19:00
2.16(sat) 16:30

*Run Time 60min

“Radio Pacific”
First performed October, November 2018
Produced by : Festival / Tokyo

ANTIQU(Video screening)
Tokyo Deathlock “REPLAY”(2017)Endless playback

ANTIQU is a screening project of assorted performing arts.
This time, Tokyo Deathlock’s “REPLAY” will be showing in endless playback.
Since its first production in 2006, “REPLAY” has been receiving admiration every time for its reproductions. Don’t miss this opportunity! For both first time viewers and repeaters, please enjoy as many laps as you want.

“REPLAY” (2017) Written, directed by Junnosuke Tada
Performers : Shinya Natsume, Ritsuko Mano, Kaori Ito, Sojin Lee, Tsumugi Harada, Yoshikuni Matsuzaki, Tadashi Kaizu (Seinendan)
Host : General Incorporated Foundation Unlock, Tokyo Deathlock

2.15(fri) – 2.16(sat) 12:00~
(endless playback 104min)


Steep Slope Kitchen Workshop
~Water Tasting : Hardness Stage ~

Lecturer : Yuki Mori (Steep Slope Kitchen Chief)
Nogeyama, where Steep Slope Studio is located, is the birthplace of Japan’s modern water supply system.
This is an opportunity to taste and compare water with different hardness at the very place associated with water.
Experience the “wonders” of water by observing how different water effects the taste of coffee or broth and other kinds of . (Fee : ¥300, reservation needed)

2.15(fri) 14:00~15:00
2.16(sat) 15:30-16:30

open studio

In preparation for his solo production showing in March, Aokid opens up his rehearsal studio sub rosa.

2.16(sat) 13:00~17:00

Yuichiro Konno / Busstrio – Installation, Artist in residence

There is a place ahead where the animals live. Staring at those living things in front of an animal house carefully worked on by the people. The time, in which you look at when your breathing, is looking back at you. We are creating a transit in one of the rooms in Steep Slope Studio, connected to the Nogeyama Zoo that inherits great technology and history, for everyone to take a moment to meet the future and the living things.

2.15(fri) 13:00~20:00
2.16(sat) 12:00~20:00